What is 6G and how would it be better than 5G?

What is 6G

Perhaps you have not yet heard what 6G is? You will also hear how the 5G has not even come so far. Which will come very soon in our country. At the same time, it is also used in many different countries.

What is 6G
What is 6G

But even with the absence of 5G , it is too much about 6G. Some research groups have even started doing research on it. And they believe that within the next 10 years ie i.e. 2030, 6G will also be in front of us.

” 6G ” is also a wireless technology that has been developed to a great extent from ” 5G “. Meaning that the work that is unable to work in 5G will do 6G very easily. Well, much information about 6G is not available on the internet but still after doing a lot of research I’ve gathered some important information for you guys.

So if you are interested in Future Tech then today’s article is about 6G and how it will be better than 5G, you have shared something with the people. I hope you like this one of my efforts

What is 6G (6G Technology)


6G the full form is 6 Generation Communication K It has no existence so far. It is going to be a significant evolution after 5G, which will be capable of self-aggregating different types of networks.

Where 5G is capable of accommodating many different types of networks, but 6G can do this work autonomously only when it is needed in a dynamic way.

What is 4g technology
What is 3G technology

In 6G networks, this will embed the palnning into the network itself, this means that the network will be well aware that it is being used. This can be used in the right particular moment by users.

He can also reconfigure his own resources as per need. This shows that it can also evolve itself.

They can also tell the need for more resources as per the requirement, so that there is no problem in doing any work.

To do this, the 6G network has to become an autonomous system, capable of guessing by learning on its own, developing a convincing plan and also negotiating with many types of stakeholders.

If this is what you think, then this is a great project, an infrastructure that becomes self-aware and can plan and foster your evolution too.

6G is going to become a reality by 2030 , which will be the right time to come and it can work autonomously in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things .

In the University of Oulu, Finland – a country where there is a lot of research related to Wireless Technology – a team of researchers has started working on the development of 6G.


Are you ready for Upcoming 6G Wireless?


It may sound a bit awkward, but a research group is now working on the ultimate replacement of 5G – yes yes, terahertz-based 6G wireless – which is going to be commercially available within the coming 10 years.

In 2018, the Academy of Finland had announced that they would finance an 8-year research program, which was also the University of Oulu in the patronage of Center for Wireless Communications.

This research program will be based solely on the development and conceptualization of 6G . For your information, let me tell you Oulu, a city of Northern Finland, together with a major hub for the development of 5G. From this, you can imagine how much importance it is for 5G and other communication technologies.

In this paper of this program, it has been written that it is possible to see a new mobile generation every 10 years, in such a situation, we can see the 6G by 2030 commercially. That is what is going to accomplish all those things that can not be completed by 5G. With this we can get to see more new things.

It is also heard in the news that the initial development plans of the faster 6G wireless have been started. Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications and Sensing (ComSenTer) say that they are investigating themselves above the new radio technologies which will be able to give full size to 6G.

If he succeeds in his work then the speed of one hundred gigabits-per-second will be seen in 6G technology, with less latency.


What is Terahertz Frequency?

“High frequencies, which range from 100GHz to 1THz (terahertz), they are called Terahertz Frequency.”

According to ComSenTer scientists, Terahartz frequency will be used in 100Gbps 6G. It is a group of scientists in which the best people of the world have been brought together. This group has created the ComSenTer Center, which is part of Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) in their place.

For the same spectrum comparison, Verizon’s initial 5G millimeter trials (as well as Qualcomm and Novatel Wireless will also be used) can work only till the spectrum reaches 39GHz.

ComSenTer ‘s director ” Ali Niknejad ” says that “their center is next generation generation of communication and sensing”, there is no repeat in it. And this is the place from where the origin of 6G is going to come.

The main purpose of this research is to create a network connection to the terahertz range, which can be faster and more stable so that it can transmit data in a speed greater than 400 gigabites per second (GB / s).

It will be a technology that will simultaneously maintain thousands of wireless connections simultaneously. It will have 10 to 1,000 times more capacity compared to 5G systems and networks.
Through this, the sensing of the Internet of Things (IoT), along with medical imaging, augmented reality, can also be used in many applications.

Which technology is going to be used in 6G Terahertz Wireless?


Spatial multiplexing is going to be a very important part of 6G terahertz wireless. This is the same as the different data signals are sent in the streams – in this the bandwidth is used to reuse efficiently.

MIMO antennas , which are now being used in Wi-Fi and 5G trials, are also being used. From this, antennas can be maximized, which takes advantage of multipath. That too increases effciency.

See overall then terahertz needs less power and it also has a lot of potential. Problems are the same, but the more we will go into the spectrum, the obstructions will be even more – because wavelength starts to become physically small.

These should be explored by 6G, because according to experts, 5G can not complete the forwarding IoT demand . Therefore, coming of 6G is going to be very necessary at that time.

What is the future of 6G?


In the coming time, we will get to know about 6G’s right usage. These research groups are fully focused on our research and are busy bringing many technologies to us as soon as possible.

That day is not far when we all seem to be real sci-fi movies. These will not only be imagined but will be transformed into truth. Further, this terahertz radio frequency is the fate of communication network .

According to the needs of the people, the changes in technology are being seen, in this way, there is a lot of new scope available in the telecommunication sector, in which 5G is going to market right now and the other 6G is still preparing for the same.



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