How To Claim PF Money in Online Without UAN Number ?

how to withdraw pf money without uan number

There are Many Employees Who Don’t know their UAN number instead of it they have EPF number. In Previously It is not a big deal that How To Claim PF Money in Online Without UAN Number Before 2014 any employer doesn’t have UAN Number. If you are unaware of this UAN number you can check out with your payslips along with PF number. In here Just Know how to Claim pf without uan Number.

How To Claim PF Money in Online Without UAN Number
How To Claim PF Money in Online Without UAN Number

Advantages of having a UAN Number

If you do not have a UAN, it is advisable to get one for ease of EPF withdrawal transaction. This will be easier if you are presently employed and do not wish to withdraw it in the near future. Having a UAN makes it easier to withdraw EPF as it has the online provision and one will not need to submit any physical documents.

The purpose of UAN is that you will be able to access your PF balance, check and withdraw it at any time without the help of your employer. Even applying for a loan against the PF balance become easy. You can ask your company’s HR to open one for you.

How To Claim or Withdraw PF Money In Online Without UAN Number

Just in case it is not possible to apply for a UAN, you can withdraw EPF without UAN. All you need to do is fill a PF withdrawal form and submit it with the regional provident fund office. You can find out the jurisdiction of your PF office with the beginning alphabets of the alpha-numeric PF account number (that indicates the state and location) that you can find easily mentioned on your monthly salary slip.

However, without a UAN, you will have to follow the old method of PF withdrawal that involves submission of identity attestation by a bank manager or gazette officer or magistrate or previous employer, as the case may be.

Note that there will be no reduction in the value of the PF for lack of a UAN. Not having a UAN just makes the process of withdrawal more time-consuming.

PF Transfer or Claim When Job Change:

If you have changed your job in the past, you will have to get the balance transferred from the previous PF account to the new one. This is because PF accounts are created within the jurisdiction of a PF office that the place of employment is located in which is why a UAN was introduced to align all the accounts to one.

In this case, however, you will have to download and submit Form-13 to the PF office where the previous PF account was maintained so that the amount can be transferred to your current account.

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Submit EPF Composite Claim Form

If you wish to withdraw the EPF amount partially or fully for any reason, you will have to submit the EPF Composite Claim Form. The CC forms now come in two types;

Since you do not have a UAN number, your Aadhaar may not be seeded with the PF account. The non-Aadhaar based CC form required attestation of the employer before submission to the PF office. Only in certain cases like the closure of the place of employment, the attestation from the employer will be exempt.

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